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Mobile Container Storage

We can load your belongings into a 20’ shipping container for short, medium or long term storage

  • Store until you are ready for delivery

    If you need storage time, we can bring the containers back to our depot. When you are ready for delivery, organise the date and we will deliver the container back to you.

  • Save double handling

    Storing in a container saves the double handling of your goods.  Items are loaded and they stay that way till they come back to you.  Short term storage is available on a daily basis and long term storage is charged per month.  A lift fee applies in and out of storage.

  • Storage Only

    We also have the containers available for storage only. You bring your belongings to our depot and load the container yourself. Storage fees are charged on a monthly rate.

  • Access to Containers

    Access to containers is normally available only during office hours with two days notice.

padlock imageYou use your own padlock for secure storage